Repair File

Repair File

  • A collection of efficient utilities for repairing damaged files
  • User-friendly tools for fixing corrupted files on Windows and Mac
  • Simply repairs corrupt PST, DOCX, ZIP, MP4 and AVI video files
  • Build with excellent scanning algorithms to fix broken header files
  • Highly rated and recommended by many industry experts
  • Option to preview repaired files helps in judging software's functionality

Shocked to find important Word file not responding??? Don't Panic!!!!!

Repair FileRepair DOCX file software is there to help you! With its advanced fixing technologies, it will repair severely corrupt DOC & DOCX files of Microsoft Word with ease. No matter MS Word is unable to open the document or the DOCX file is in compressed form, this software will fix any sought of error in the Word files.

DOCX files of MS Office Word 2007 or 2010 mainly gets corrupt due to macro viruses. They enter into your important Word file when you try to embed macros in your document. Macro viruses make uneven changes in the DOCX file header resulting in corruption of Word document. To overcome such issues, Repair DOCX File software is developed. It will repair damaged header of DOCX file and give you a healthy Word document with complete text and other attributes.

Worried about losing important emails??? Here is the solution!!!!!

Repair PST File program is one of the best tools across the internet for repairing damaged Personal Folders of Microsoft Outlook. It will fix corrupt PST files of MS Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010 in just few minutes to give you a complete and working PST file. In addition to repair PST file, this software even recovers deleted emails that are accidentally removed from the "Deleted Items" folder.

PST file of your Outlook profile might get damage due to unsecure cyberspace. Whenever you receive emails in your inbox, they might contain harmful programs that penetrates into the PST file and makes it corrupt. Microsoft Outlook is unable to open the corrupted PST file and hence you lose access to your vital emails or other information like contacts, appointments, notes, calendar items, etc. However, Repair PST File program is mainly designed to overcome such data loss scenarios as it takes copy of the damaged PST file and makes a new and healthy PST file with complete emails and other data attributes.

Is Apple QuickTime player unable to play your video??? Do not worry!!!!!

Repair FileCorrupt MP4 and MOV video files, which are unplayable on QuickTime media player, can be repaired using Repair MP4 File software. This user-friendly tool will fix corrupt MP4 file on Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard systems in just few mouse clicks. MP4 video files mainly breaks because of faulty firmware of camcorder. Sometimes when you record videos on camcorder, damaged firmware disturbs the video file segments causing corruption in the MP4 or any other video file. Repair MP4 File tool takes a copy of such corrupted MP4 file, extracts both audio and video data segments, repairs them simultaneously, and later adjoins them to make a playable video file.

ZIP archive downloaded from internet not responding??? Need not panic!!!!!

Now with the introduction of Repair ZIP File software, it is easy to repair damaged ZIP file on Windows PC. Advanced technologies of this award-winning program lets you fix corrupt header file issues in the ZIP or ZIPX archive making it workable on your computer. ZIP/ZIPX file downloaded from internet might get damage due to CRC errors. These errors break the file headers of ZIP archive making it unreadable on your personal computer. Hence, to conquer such data loss scenarios, download and use Repair ZIP File tool. This software works quite successfully on all major versions of Windows operating system like XP, Vista, and Win 7.

Are you looking to repair damaged AVI video file??? You have landed at the right page!!!!!

Repair FileRepair Video File program is the best in class utility to fix video file on Windows and Mac machines. AVI video files, which have been damaged due to faulty firmware or virus attacks, can be repaired with the help of this efficient software. This software takes a copy of the corrupted AVI file and fixes its audio and video data streams to make a new and healthy video. After the repairing process, you can even preview the repaired video file in order to judge software functionality. Later, you can buy and activate the demo version of the software for saving the repaired AVI video file. In addition, this software also repairs DivX and XviD video files with ease.

What makes Repair File tools best in market???

  • Simple and interactive interface makes file repair process amusing
  • Have been built with advanced technologies and algorithms
  • Repairs damaged, corrupted or broken files on Windows and Mac machines
  • Fix PST, DOCX, MP4, ZIP, and AVI file of any size
  • User manual included with the software helps during the repair procedure
  • 24 by 7 customer support for the global users on any issue
  • Reviewed and recommended by lot of shareware experts
  • Comes in free demo version with the similar functionality

Few easy steps to repair corrupted docx file

Step 1: Download and install Repair DOCX File software on your Windows PC

Step 2: Open main screen of the application and select the corrupt DOCX file as shown in fig 1

Repair File - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 3: At last, save the newly created DOCX file to any of your desired storage location as shown in fig 2

Repair File - Save DOCX File

Fig 2: Save DOCX File

Recent Updates:

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